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370 apartments under the program of the KMC found their dwellers at the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“Baiterek” Holding and Kazakhstan Mortgage Company JSC have again brought joy to Kazakhstanis. In Almaty and Aktobe, the keys from apartments, purchased by Kazakhstan Mortgage Company, a subsidiary organization of “Baiterek” NMH, were solemnly handed over within the implementation of “Nurly Zhol” Program.
Finally finished rental apartments were granted to employees of budget organizations, public officers, multiple-child families, families with disabled children, orphans lacking parental support, single-parent families, and disabled persons.
Persons on the waiting list couldn’t hide their joy. They came to the ceremony of handing over of the keys from apartments in Akbulak micro-district in Almaty with their families, children, parents and anyone who wanted to share that exciting moment with them.  
“I registered for the waiting list under the “Single-parent family” category in 2012.   We with my children have been living in rented suites since 2009, this is very expensive and I don’t want to spent money in vain, as it is better to pay for our own apartment. Now I have a two-room apartment. I am very grateful to the President, KMC JSC and “Baiterek” Holding for the possibility granted,” – Aktoty Kassymaly says.
Almost all new settlers have rented housing to the present day and dreamed to acquire their own apartments. However, it would be a challenge for them, if it wasn’t for the participation in the program. 
“I would like to express my gratitude to President Nursultan Nazarbayev, as well as to the Housing Department of Almaty and KMC JSC for the attention and care. Today I’ve got such an excellent long-awaited gift – keys from the two-room apartment. I wish prosperity, stability and all the best to our State” – Zukhra Makayeva, a Primary School Teacher, declared in her acceptance speech.
After the solemn ceremony new-settlers could go to their apartments and view rooms, where children’s laughter will be heard in the nearest time. 
“Words cannot express how glad we are! We are grateful to the President, the Housing Department and KMC JSC. Almost three and a half years we stood in queue as public officers – I work in the police,” – the young man named Marat said, while his wife with the baby looked around the room.
On the President’s Day Berdybek Saparbayev, Mayor of Aktobe region, and Adil Mukhamedzhanov, Chairman of the Board of Kazakhstan Mortgage Company congratulated the attendees with the holiday and handed the keys from apartments in the Batys-2 micro-district over to persons on the waiting list of the local executive authority.
The Head of the Region noted that rental housing construction is very urgent for the city.
“From the first days of the obtainment of independence our president and our state pay attention, primarily, to welfare of Kazakhstanis. We are the witnesses of this fact. Only in Aktobe about 5 thousand apartments have been handed over this year.  Today we hand over 318 apartments. The Kazakhstan Mortgage Company contributes a lot in this respect. Only here, in Aktobe, this company delivers 47 thousand sq.m, i.e. 774 apartments, this year and this work will continue,” – Berdybek Saparbayev, Mayor of Aktobe region, reported.
Adil Mukhamedzhanov, Chairman of the Board of Kazakhstan Mortgage Company, noted the symbolism of the fact that people receive the long-waited apartments on the Day of the First President, as it was the President’s initiative that allowed today to provide housing to more than 9 thousand Kazakhstanis under the KMC program.
“We are sincerely glad that today another 370 families in Almaty and Aktobe have got their housing and have the opportunity to take advantage of the terms of the “Nurly Zhol” National Rental Housing Program. Currently, the “Nurly Zhol” Program is under development. The role of Kazakhstan Mortgage Company, to the extent of this program, is the mortgage lending promotion. We hope that we will manage this challenge and you will see the results as early as in the near future,” – Adil Mukhamedzhanov said.
It should be noted that the houses occupied by persons on the waiting list were built using domestically-manufactured materials.
“Bricks are manufactured in our region from baked clay. Thickness of walls is 74 cm. That is why they are very thick and very warm. The rest is also manufactured here, including concrete products and slabs. The house has 100% Kazakhstani content,”- Andrey Storozhev, Director of Sollers LLP, reported.
It is also worth mentioning that the rental fee is almost half as high as the average-market cost of rental housing in the city.  Thus, in Almaty and Astana it is 1,120 KZT per square meter, and 924 KZT in the regions.
“Until this moment we lived in rented accommodation for 10 years. Now we have our own house and we are very glad. We won’t pay to the owner of others apartments and will redeem our own housing. And when you have your own home you want to live and plan for the future,” – Nariman Istegulov says.
The man has recently become disabled, and there are three children in his family. Therefore the receiving of a three-room apartment proved to be very helpful. Owing to successful implementation of the state programs, since 2015 more than 900 Aktobe and about 2,000 Almaty families received rental housing with a purchase option. By the end of the year, the KMC will deliver for distribution 391 apartments for Aktobe residents and 260 apartments in Almaty.
The apartments’ distribution procedure is absolutely transparent. Apartments can be granted only to those persons, who are already on the waiting lists in Mayor’s offices as at November 11, 2014 – on the day of announcement by the Head of State of the Address to the Population “Nurly Zhol – Way to the Future”.