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300 apartments will be put into operation in Aktobe under the KMC Program.

In Aktobe local residents study the advantages of the rental housing program with a keen interest. Thousands of Aktobe residents strive to solve their housing programs exactly with the aid of the Kazakhstan Mortgage Company, a branch organization of “Baiterek” Holding, and do not feel themselves like temporary hosts. Ardak Mauina will tell about the advantages of affordable housing. The Baltemirovs now often welcomes their guests in this spacious kitchen. Their friends and relatives come to see their new apartments. The head of the family, a military servant with the 10 year experience, collected the required documents and registered for the waiting list for housing in the Mayor’s Office of the city. And in a month, after special checks, the response of the Housing Fund, indicating the queue number, was received. Then the spouses decided to use the rental housing program of the KMC. They didn’t have to wait for a long time and this summer moved into the new apartment. Arai Zhekeyeva, a resident of Aktobe, says: “The house is spacious and the district is comfortable. Another advantage is that we want to pay off the debt completely in five years and to formalize the apartment ownership.”  Saltanat Sabirova, a public officer, had also studied all the advantages of this program; therefore the note “rental” does not frighten her. On the contrary, Saltanat conceives that it is better to invest in the apartment under the KMC Program, rather than to pay for rented housing each month.  Given that, as a result, the lessee will obtain ownership of the housing, and, most significantly, a large amount of accruals or initial instalments are not required. All one needs to do is to be on the waiting list of the local executive authority and to pass the solvency test. Saltanat Sabirova, a resident of Aktobe says: “I intended to participate in this program from the very beginning, when I registered for the waiting list. And I submitted applications for participation in it gradually, when the advertisements was publishing on the web-site of the Mayor’s Office. This is a very profitable program, as there is no initial instalment and one can move into the apartment from the contract signing date, when the person’s solvency is confirmed. So, the person knows that he/she will pay for his/her own apartment and not to one or another person.” During these two years about one thousand apartments were sold under the rental housing program of the Kazakhstan Mortgage Company in Aktobe. Only during these 9 months about 500 apartments have been put into operation, and another 300 apartments will be commissioned in Aktobe before the year is out. Zhanargul Duisekenova, Head of the Housing Stock Accounting Division of Aktobe Mayor’s Office says: “More than 1,000 persons submit applications for each house. These citizens must, primarily, pass the solvency test, and there revenues and expenses are calculated. There is such a trend, if someone on the waiting list could not pass the solvency test, then he/she is fully engaged in the acceptance of documents for the next house. Exactly these flexible conditions attract Aktobe residents. The number of interested persons is growing day by day.” Bairon Uteshev, Regional Representative of KMC JSC in Aktobe, says: The Company is going to launch 2 large-scale projects in the “Nur Aktobe” micro-district. The tender for one dwelling complex already has been carried out. Construction and assembly works with the commissioning in 2017 have been started. There are two projects which are designed for about 566 apartments. At the same time, the program operators keep quality of construction under strict control. All delivered apartments have final finishing. In 2016, the Kazakhstan Mortgage Company, supported by “Baiterek” Holding, will put into operation 326 thousand square meters of rental housing. Within 5 years of the Program implementation it is planned to deliver one million four hundred thousand sq.m of rental housing to the population.

Authors: Ardak Mauina, Ainadin Moldabekov, Aibek Dautov