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KMC shared experience in managing rental of estate property with foreign counterparts

In September 11-12 in Almaty within the framework of the International conference “Management, maintenance and modernization of housing in Central Asia”, organized by the Ministry of investment and development of the RK and UNDP Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstan Mortgage Company spoke about its experience in estate property management, built in the framework of the implementation of a number of public housing programs.

In August 2018, the Kazakhstan Mortgage Company announced the commissioning of a million square meters of housing, built on the direction of “Rent with the right of redemption” for socially vulnerable citizens within the largest state housing program in the history of independent Kazakhstan. In apartments, built in this direction, more than 17,5 thousand families or about 50 thousand people already live.

Aisultan Akchurin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Kazakhstan Mortgage Company” JSC, told about experience in erecting, repurchase, managing and maintaining rental housing for the population in his report within the framework of a specially designated round table.

Special interest of international experts was caused by the events held by the KMC to improve the effectiveness of the current form of house management and build up relationships with residents, local executive bodies and community services.

“In the construction and management of such a large volume of estate property, a well-built relationship with all involved structures is very important. In our case, there is a builder directly erecting an object, there is akimat supplying the necessary engineering and communal infrastructure and there is a KMC that has obligations to transfer housing to waiting lists in a timely manner. The inconsistency of our actions directly affects the people who are waiting for their housing, which is unacceptable for us,” said Aisultan Akchurin.

Also, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Kazakhstan Mortgage Company spoke about the importance of involving of residents in the management of residential properties, establishing feedback from tenants and automating the management and maintenance of houses. To implement the last task, the Company intends to introduce software (electronic CAO) by the end of 2018, which makes it possible to simplify business processes for the Company and service organizations as much as possible, and for the residents themselves. The application will allow transferring such processes to the on-line as filing and accepting applications, complaints, offers in the CAO, payment and control of utility payments, participation in meetings and voting, the formation of reports, the collection of analytics and much more.

As co-organizers spoke: PRO HOUSE - professional housing management in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat), the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and the Kazakhstan Mortgage Company.

The conference was attended by representatives of Central Asian countries from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, as well as international experts from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia and Belarus.

Reference: “Mortgage Organization “Kazakhstan Mortgage Company” joint stock company (hereinafter – “MO “KMC” JSC) was established in accordance with the Concept of long-term financing of housing construction and development of mortgage lending in the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 21, 2000 № 1290. The main purpose of the “MO “KMC” JSC was to ensure the availability of mortgage loans to citizens of the country by refinancing second-tier banks through the issue mortgage bonds. The mission of “MO “KMC” JSC is to increase the availability of housing.