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96 apartments will be commissioned in 2016 within the frameworks of the “Nurly Zhol”

june 24, 2016
MO Kazakhstan Mortgage Company, a branch organization of “Baiterek” Holding, is one of the operators, implementing the rental housing program as part of the
“Nurly Zhol”. Taking into account the significance, relevance and social character of the program, the government is taking all the essential measures to ensure its transparency. For this purpose, this year the company provides tours to the objects intended for distribution under the program. Kazakhstanis, thanks to this option, can directly monitor the program implementation, the course of construction works, quality conformity of the housing where the program participants will reside.
On June 24 of the current year, representatives of mass media and the Kazakhstan Mortgage Company visited the object in Shymkent purchased by the Company for the subsequent implementation under the program. 96 apartments with the total area of 5.4 thousand square meters will be presented for distribution. They include 24 one-room apartments (40.51 m2), 48 two-room apartments (from 54.38 m2 up to 55.2 m2), and 24 three-room apartments (from 67.5 m2). Currently, construction works are held on the acquirable object located on the Tulemetov Street; the developer is Otau-Stroy LLP. “In the construction we use domestically-produced materials – porcelain tiles, linoleum, cement, door units, coating materials, heat insulators; locally manufactured materials  - concrete, hollow blocks, polyethylene pipes, windows and PVC stained-glass windows, dry mixtures for finishing works, bitumen-concrete mixtures, concrete products (trays, curb stones, paving blocks), etc.; as well as foreign-made materials  - fittings, elevators, WC ceramics made in Russia. It is planned to put apartments in commission in December of this year, all of them will be finally finished and equipped with gas stoves” – Abzhat Akimov, Chief Engineer of Otau-Stroy LLP, said.
“Also, in 2015 the contract on joint implementation of the project “Construction of multi-storey apartment houses along the bypass road to Turkestan, South Kazakhstan region” on the principle of PPP was concluded. This is 144 apartments with the overall area of 7.8 thousand sq.m. They include 36 one-room apartments (39.68 m2), 72 two-room apartments (from 54.39 m2 up to 55.21 m2), 36 three-room apartments (from 68.48 m2),” – Bolat Dosmukhametov, Vice-Chairman of the Board of MO Kazakhstan Mortgage Company JSC, emphasized.
Moreover, MO Kazakhstan Mortgage Company JSC and Baiterek Development JSC, a branch organization of “Baiterek” Holding, are engaged in construction in Shymkent of 900 apartments with the total area of 51 thousand sq.m. They include 300 one-room apartments (42 m2), 300 two-room apartments (54 m2) and 300 three-room apartments (from 74 m2). Thus, in 2016 it is planned to put into operation 1,140 apartments with the total area of 64.2 thousand sq.m within South Kazakhstan region.  In total, this year MO Kazakhstan Mortgage Company JSC, supported by “Baiterek” Holding, plans to put into operation more than 326 thousand square meters of rental housing throughout the country as part of implementation of the Regions Development Program until 2020.
In 2015, the Company, supported by “Baiterek” Holding, placed in operation 85.7 thousand sq.m or more than 1.5 thousand apartments in Shymkent.  All in all, according to results for 2015 the company commissioned 7,234 apartments with the total area of 425.4 thousand sq.m. The actual amount of the rental housing delivery in 2015 exceeded the program planned target by 24.3 thousand sq.m - 401.1 thousand sq.m).  Living spaces are placed in operation in Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Aktobe, Aktau, Karaganda, Kokshetau, Kostanay, Kyzylorda, Pavlodar, Semey, Taldykorgan, Taraz, as well as in Almaty, Akmola and West Kazakhstan regions.
The maximum cost of rental housing for the program participants is 1,120 KZT in Almaty and Astana and 923 KZT in the regions, including Shymkent.
In the line of the Kazakhstan Mortgage Company, the rental housing program allows participation of people on the waiting list of local executive authorities, directly engaged in the selection of participants and housing distribution. These are socially vulnerable segments of the population, including multiple-child and single-parent families, families having or bringing up disabled children, orphaned children, children without parental support, repatriates, public officers, military servants, employees of special state institutions and employees of budget organizations.
“Baiterek” National Management Holding JSC was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 22, 2013. The purpose of the Holding establishment is the promotion of the development and diversification of the economy, investment attraction, clusters development and improvement of the corporate management system in its branch organizations. The Holding includes Kazakhstan Development Bank JSC, Investment Fund of Kazakhstan JSC, House Construction Savings Bank JSC, Kazakhstan Mortgage Company JSC, KazExportGarant JSC, Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund JSC, National Agency for Technological Development JSC, Kazakhstan Fund of Mortgage Loans Guaranteeing JSC, KazynaCapitalManagement JSC, “Baiterek” Development JSC and “Center for Support of Public-Private Partnership LLP. The Holding has the rights of ownership and use of the state-owned stake of these companies.